Ferrari F40 market update
Ferrari F40 market update

Ferrari F40 market update

September 19, 2023


One car, six different asset classes

I like to see the F40 in 6 different asset classes which also explains the disruption of the F40 market simply because most buyers/collectors are not fully aware of how “rare” their F40 is.

With that focus you basically get 6 different types in terms of production numbers, obviously the value of the car depends on history, condition, service history, mileage etc, etc.


F40 Prototype pre-1988 

( 8-10 units, at least 2 of them do not exist anymore because of mandatory crash tests that have been performed ) = 8-10 units

F40 Pre-Series 50 units 1987 / 1988

were completed in late 1987 ( 7 of them ) and the others in 1988, as far as I know, all of them are non-cat non-adjust, Series 1,5 as we call it here.

F40 Series 1 = non-cat / non-adust / plexi / slider window

= 55/56 units most of them produced in 1989 and early 1990


F40 Series 1,5 = non-cat / non-adjust / regular windows

= roughly 300 units


F40 Series 2 / EU spec with catalytic converter and/or without adjustable suspension ( delivered worldwide )

= around 650-700 units


F40 Series 2 / US spec – delivered in the United States through FNA

= 213 units ( plus some more unofficially )


What is now already happening is that the Series 2 units have lost a lot of their newly gained value simply because there are so many cars available and for sale.

Many private owners and commercial sellers missed their chance to sell at peak markets in the Spring and Summer of 2023. Those cars are now at least 20% “cheaper” compared to a year ago where the question remains how many of them actually sold at their asking price in 2022?

While it is obvious that Prototypes and Pre-Series cars should bring a considerable premium, in my opinion, the market just started to realize that simply based on production numbers and the fact that Series 1 and Series 1,5 ( in that order ) remain the purest F40 experience there is. 

I think that prices in the future will be related to the 6 categories of F40 that need to be considered when someone is buying for rarity, investment, or just because he wants to have and keep not simply an F40 but a very special and rare F40 to enjoy it.

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