Porsche 930 Turbo Flachbau #000734


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This car has been SOLD by us and delivered in July 2021
Between 1981 and 1982 Porsche Exclusive created 58 hand-built units of the 930 Turbo Flatnose ( Flachbau ) without Pop-Up headlights.

In spring 1984 a well-known Porsche collector and Sheikh from Kuwait insisted to get a tailor-made, unique unit 59 made for him, with paint to sample color (PTS) atlas-grey and cream white leather interior. During the first Gulf war in 1990, the car was brought back to Germany where it was registered, driven, and enjoyed by a Dentist before he sold it to the 3rd and current owner.

The Flatnose is according to the racing car Porsche 935. this was available from 1981 – 1988 by the Porsche Exclusive Program. These modifications were very expensive.

If the Flatnose was ordered with the performance kit (2 small exhaust pipes) additionally, the price of the Turbo was near doubled.

The price was between 160000 – 230000 DM (81800 – 117600 EUR).

930 Flatnose statistics: number of units  (total: 948)
58 Flatnose without pop-up headlamps (modification by Porsche ExclusiveDepartment) = this here is number 59 made 1984
204 Flatnose with pop-up headlamps (modification by Porsche Exclusive Department)
630 Flatnose with pop-up headlamps for USA (series production)
– all without power enhancement, because of the catalytic converter
– all with the series front bumper, because of the US crash test conditions and so without extra oil cooler
56 Flatnose with pop-up headlamps for ROW (series production)

Lots of history, Porsche Certificate, and has original order sheet ( production number 104-4431 ) and invoice.

Never advertised. This is a true collector’s car.
Comes with fresh Porsche pre-purchase inspection and report.