Our logo is a combination of the coat of arms and dynastic flag dating back to 1208 from Naxos with the blue white and blue lines that represents the flag of the dukes of the Aegean sea.
1st Reference about Constantine Fragopoulos sent by Alexios III, Byzantine emperor from 1195 to 1203, to the Black Sea at around 1200 during conflicts between Turkish and Byzantine merchants can be found in “The Crusades From the Prespective of Byzantium and the Muslim World”, page. 188.
Constantine Fragopoulos was one of the generals of Marco Sanudo who captured the greek islands Naxos, Paros and Santorini in the year 1204 for the Venetians.

After the victory Sanudo established the Duchy of the Archipelago and honored his best men with the title “Dukes of the Aegean Sea”.
The family was then established with a title of nobility in Naxos and later in Zakynthos. Members of the branch in Naxos (1628-1925) renounced the Greek Orthodox faith and converted to Roman Catholicism.
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