We are providing a wide range of consulting-, coaching-, and sales solutions on a global scale.

We solve problems, connect the dots, offer solutions and most important: we deliver results.

Choose from the variety of our solutions

We provide blue chip consulting for private buyers and collectors, public collections and investment funds in automotive and real estate and bespoke sales management, coaching and business consulting solutions.

Supercar advice and solutions

With supercarscout24.com we are offering the first worldwide database of all important limited edition supercars, hypercars and classics. Highly recommended blue chip consulting solutions and investment advice is available at fragopoulos.net

Luxury real estate and relocation

We create, manage, sell and buy luxury villas, commercial real estate and provide highly sophisticated property management solutions. Driven by our passion to create additional value at a point where competitors fail, we deliver remarkable results

Sales management and coaching

We know a thing or two about how to define sales stages, set up or optimize a sales funnel, the combination of the best tools that give you an unfair advantage and the right mindset and strategy to close high ticket deals or just optimize how effective your sales and marketing teams are performing. Great stuff ;-)

Startup and business consulting

Living and enjoying the multi-preneur life on a daily base, we provide a huge network of seed investors, the best lawyers and tax accountants, a well established workflow and the ability to provide everything you need to get your new swiss company registered , established and running on kickstarters.ch

We believe in passion and results

Established in 2010 and driven by passion and the results of hard work and focus, we have created unique trails in a variety of sectors and we continue to provide best possible value that your money can buy.

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