We are offering a tailor-made experience with our 360 degrees consulting solutions. Here in an overview of our services:

1. Buying your supercar with us:

We are offering a white range of unique, limited-edition supercars and all time classics. If one of our cars is appealing to you we will provide you with the full documentation, history, service record and our own verification and due-dilligence on the car and the seller. A secure transaction with the seller will arranged and every car we provide will receive a pre-purchase-inspection (PPI) at an official dealership of the brand.

2. Sourcing your next supercar with us:

You want something super-special and nobody was able to provide you that black Ferrari F50 or a Porsche 918 in super-rare or one-off color. If it has wheels, we will find it and we have an intensive track record with a current success rate of 100%. You can select all search-criteria and your budget, we will execute a global pre-scan of the market and tell you if we can delivery what you are looking for. Anything, anywhere, anytime.

3. Selling your supercar with us:

You can assign the task of selling your supercar with us. We will do a pre-scan of the global market and you will get a detailed report from us telling you exactly what selling price you can expect. Through our global network of clients, we can make sure that the price payable to you is second to none. We combine our expertise and network with fair rates for our services, so you will get the biggest possible return when selling your car with us.

4. Verification & Research

We are able to tell if the 911 2.7 RS you plan to buy is real or fake. We can verify the history of every supercar, race-car or classic. In our journey we have discovered F40s offered by auction houses as “spotless” that have been crashed a few years before, ex F1 Cars that have been presented in Motorsport-Museums for years and turned out to have a faked history afterwards, and much more. If you intend to buy or sell your classic, race car or supercar we can provide a detailed verification which will the vehicle will change hands at a fair value, a good deal for both, buyer and seller.

5. Confidential buying and selling of built-slots

Either you desire a car you have not been invited to order, or you have been invited but prefer to sell for a premium rather than keeping it, we are happy to assist you. We will execute full due-dilligence and KYE procedure on the car, the seller and the buyer and proceed with a secured escrow transaction if you wish to do it. At the same time we protect not only the money but also the privacy of all parties involved into the transaction.

🏆 • award winning unicorns 🦄
📈 • investment-grade supercar assets
💵 • find off-market opportunities
🛬 • we ship and transact worldwide


Business hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday ( CET )

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