Consulting fees for supercar transactions worldwide

●     Up to CHF 1,250,000, we charge a 6% consulting fee, with a minimum fee of CHF 25,000 per transaction

●     Above CHF 1,250,000, we charge a 4% consulting fee, with a minimum fee of CHF 50,000 per transaction

●     Above CHF 3,000.000, we charge a 3% consulting fee, with a minimum fee of CHF 75.000 per transaction

●     Above CHF 5,000,000, we charge a 2% consulting fee, with a minimum fee of CHF 100.000.- per transaction

Swiss TVA of 7.7% applies on our fees for clients inside Switzerland and Liechtenstein (10% + TVA therefore equals 10.77%, for example). Should buyers prefer, we are open to representation mandates where our fee is a share of the discount negotiated with the seller. Auction representation fees are agreed on an individual basis. Please ask if you’d like a proposal.

Search order

CHF 5000.- (+7,7% TVA)
You are looking for a unicorn that you and probably other suppliers simply can not provide? You can select all preferences and your budget and we will conduct a worldwide scan both: on and off-market and present you at least one example matching all your search criteria within 10 working days. Before accepting a search order we will pre-scan and evaluate your preferences and only accept your search order if we are convinced that the car with your preferences can be found and transacted.

Written valuation

CHF 1.000.- (+ 7.7% TVA) per car
Send us details and have your collectors’ car objectively and professionally valued within five working days, whether buying, selling, insuring or just for a second opinion. These written valuations are based on information and photographs you provide and do not require us to inspect the car. If you’d like to have more than five cars valued at once, contact us for a collection rate.

Daily retainer

CHF 5000 – (+ 7.7% TVA)
This puts us at your complete disposal for a day (normally 9am-6pm) and entitles you to expert advice that includes guidance on buying, pricing, provenance, authenticity, marketing and different options for selling. Travel costs, if applicable, are excluded.

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Business hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday ( CET )

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