2008 Sportec SPR1
2008 Sportec SPR1

2008 Sportec SPR1

January 23, 2022

This development makes the SPR1R one of the lightest supercars on the market (a Bugatti Veyron weighs 1990 kilos for comparison) and enhances the SPR1R’s power to weight ratio to a staggering 655 bhp per ton.

In addition, SPORTEC has added a driver-adjustable traction control system, managed via a touch screen mounted in the center console. This unit also doubles as a vehicle data logger and lap timer, which also allows owners to monitor key engine data in real time.

These combined improvements have yielded considerable performance benefits. While the 0-62mph (100km/h) time is unchanged at 3.0 seconds, the 300 km/h (186mph) increment arrives 0.9 seconds quicker than previously, highlighting the effectiveness of the changes. The quoted top speed of more than 236mph remains unaltered.

This one owner from the new example has been enjoyed for 6300km from new, is fully serviced, and ready to use for the next caretaker.

The car is registered and VAT paid in Switzerland, the asking price is 420.000.- CHF, and VAT might be deductible if the car leaves Switzerland.

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